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Our Goal

To be able to verify people entering the gate are confirmed guests for special events


SecureEventz is a planning and management Platform to automate the processes to organize events and reduce the time to validate the pass entry checks for the visitors. Our Platform allows to setup Event, send invitations, and allows visitors to register online for the events. Event Organizer can use innovative technology to manage registration, process payments, and customize the registration data points to collect from attendees.


What is SecureEventz ?

➤SecureEventz is the leading secure web and mobile event management platform for Defense and Non DoD Government agencies and corporations


➤ SecureEventz is used to secure the internal and external events and conferences

Why SecureEventz?

➤ Government agencies such as Army, Navy, Air Force and corporates has the need to secure the access to installations, bases or buildings by doing pre-approval process for the visitors coming to attend special events and reduce the time to validate the pass entry checks at the entrance gates


➤ Need to automate the processes to organize the events that require security protocols and validations for the visitors



➤ Setup online event registration, invite prospective attendees, upload sponsors and event agenda

➤ Custom registration fields and email templates for reminders

➤ Manage sessions and speakers information, manage social media for the event

➤ Manage services for exhibitors

➤ Design and create badges with QR codes

➤ Keep track of registered attendees and event revenue collection

➤ BeSocial™ proprietary feature which helps attendees in interacting with other attendees in real-time

How does it work?


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