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How it Works?

Our solution is a cloud based Web and mobile platform to automate Event management process and at the same time customizable and flexible for Government needs and able to streamline the process for the event attendees. The Solution allows organizing conferences and  events for your organization. It gives the ability to manage and have access to all your attendees’ information by event at your fingertips before, during or after the event.


Set up – Online Event Registration

Event page creation with EventEvites is a simple and quick process, Add event Information

Fill event details, Event Start and End dates, Last date for registration, Available for registration by, Upload Event Agendas, Logo, Event information, Organizer Information




Manage Tickets

Now is your chance to make your events more affordable and profitable. Whether you are a non-profit organization or a large enterprise, with Event Smart you can sell an unlimited number of tickets without added cost to you or your attendees.Create multiple categories for

  • Tickets like Attendees, VIP, and Exhibitor
  • Create your Free or Paid Ticket for Attendees



Event Actions

Set up value-added event management process

  • Manage Promo code, Manage Payment Details
  • Custom Registration filed, Enable Be Social Feature
  • Customize email Template, Upload Event Sponsors
  • Import Prospective Attendees, Send Invite email to prospective attendees
  • Customize badge category values, Term and condition



Event Help

The organizer can take action in real time

  • View Registered Attendees
  • Send Reminder mail to Registered Attendees
  • Event Organizer can send online event surveys
  • Add Social Media links for your Event
  • Select Attendees for design and print Badge
  • View Event Collection, Manage walk-in registration


Once an event is set up and online registration is enabled, where organizer sends this links to attendees or visitors where visitor can view details and register for the event. And they can submit the registration request for visitor’s passes for the Event

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